We are now offering a complete line of Hand Made Show Leads designed especially with the toy dog in mind. We call them 'Softies' for the neck piece is constructed of ultra-soft suede to protect the delicate neck and esophigus of your toy dog. This neck piece can be ordered to match the color of your dog, such as a tri-color black, tan and white on a white lead a black lead or a tan lead. Or you can go bold with bright red or purple (coming soon). They also come in the traditional colors to mute the fact that your dog is on a lead.

The lanyard is the part that attaches to the neck piece with the guide ring and security slide
on it. 

Each lanyard is joined to the lead with a stainless stell swivel. If you order a 'brace' lanyard, it will have 2 lanyards each joined on it's own swivel for more control of each animal.

Each lead is constructed of .325 Paracord with a tensil strength of 300 lbs. Each connection is finished with a natural braided cord wrapped securely around each joint to secure and strengthen the mating. The lanyard is attached to the lead with a stainless steel swivel to keep the lead from twisting and give more contol over the animal. We proudly make these leads in house and will do special orders for colors and models. Satisfaction Guaranteed!!  FREE SHIPPING!! In continental US Only.

The white wrapping is a strong nylon knit braid.

The tan and the black plain leads have tan and black braided cord wrappings.

You can also choose to have contrasting braided wraps to make a statement. 

Below are pictures of different leads currently available. Each lead is priced from $20 to $25.  You can e-mail orders to clar136@prtcnet.com or you can text questions or orders to 864-684-6202.
Payment can be made through Paypal to this e-mail address. We also accept checks or Postal money orders. Orders placed with check or MO will be held until the payment is cleared.
Please allow one week for special orders. Use the item number for specific leads already constructed. Use color codes for Special Orders.

PW  This lead is plain white on white lanyard and white lead.  $20 PB This is a solid black lead with black neck piece and black lanyard. $20

BTW You can get this lead for a tri-color dog. Or you can change the color of the lanyard to white or black for a tri-color spotted on white. You can also change the lead color to match the lanyard or contrast the lanyard. You can also change the colors of the wrappings to accentuate or blend in.   $20 PT This lead is just tan and works beautifully for a fawn or tan dog. The wraps on this one is matching the lanyard and the lead. But you can get a contrasting color done with the wraps and still be very elegant.  $20
TW-DT DT  This is an example of using the contrasting colors for neck piece and wraps. This lead is available as is or you can get the same neck piece with matching wraps.
PP This is the plain Purple neck piece and lead. The wraps and the lanyard all match. Very Elegant.  $20

DRB  This is a dark red with just a touch of 'bling'. Jewelry grade gold metal ovals are woven into the neck piece. This lead is available as is or special order with silver ovals. $22

BW-W This is a new design. The neck piece is a basket weave that is about an inch wide. It is super soft and very comfortable for the animal as it also breathes. It takes twice the amount of suede leather to make this neck piece and about twice the time. It will sell for $25 BW-Bg This is the basket weave in the beige. This lead is available as is or it can be ordered with different colored wraps, lanyard, or lead.  $25

BW-Brn  Basket weave in brown or chocolate. It is available as is or can be special ordered to suit with different colored wraps, lanyard or lead. $25 BW-RPW Basket weave in red, pink and white. It is available as is or can be special ordered with different colored wraps, lanyard or lead. $25

BW-BW-S  This is a combination basket weave. Great for a black and white dog or a black spotted on white. This lead is available or will make a special order with the colors of your choice.  $25

I'm in the process of reworking the codes below to make things simpler. Will be posting a color chart with the different colors numbered for convenience and simplicity. Until I get those posted, I will confirm your selections for special orders to make sure they are what you want. Thanks for being patient.


PW   PLAIN WHITE LEAD                        WW WHITE                           WLY  WHITE                                                 WLD WHITE

PB    PLAIN BLACK                                   WB  BLACK                           BLY  BLACK                                                  BLD BLACK

PT   PLAIN TAN                                          WT  LIGHT TAN                    TLY  LIGHT TAN                                            TLD  LIGHT TAN


R     RED                                                      WR RED                                  RLY  RED                                                       RLD  RED

SG  SILVER GRAY                                                                                                  SGLY SILVER GRAY                                    SGLD SILVER GRAY

PP  PURPLE                                                                                                            PPLY  PURPLE                                              PPLD  PURPLE

CB  CHOCOLATE BROWN                                                                                    CBLY  CHOCOLATE BROWN                     CBLD  CHOCOLATE BROWN