NEW LOWER PRICE !!!!!

We are now offering a complete line of Hand Made Show Leads designed especially with the toy dog in mind. We call them 'Softies' for the neck piece is constructed of ultra-soft suede to protect the delicate neck and esophigus of your toy dog. This neck piece can be ordered to match the color of your dog, such as a tri-color black, tan and white on a white lead a black lead or a tan lead. Or you can go bold with bright red or purple. They also come in the traditional colors to mute the fact that your dog is on a lead.

                                                                                    NOW WITH NEW METAL HARDWARE!!!!

The lanyard is the part that attaches to the neck piece with the guide ring and security slide
on it. 

Each lanyard is joined to the lead with a stainless stell swivel. If you order a 'brace' lanyard, it will have 2 lanyards each joined on it's own swivel for more control of each animal.

Each lead is constructed of .325 Paracord with a tensil strength of 300 lbs. Each connection is finished with a silver metal connector that permanently joins the two lengths of cord. The lanyard is attached to the lead with a stainless steel swivel to keep the lead from twisting and give more contol over the animal. We proudly make these leads in house and will do special orders for colors and models. Satisfaction Guaranteed!!

Below are pictures of different leads currently available.  You can e-mail orders to clar136@prtcnet.com or you can text questions or orders to 864-684-6202.
Payment can be made through Paypal to this same e-mail address.  We also accept checks or Postal money orders. Orders placed with check or MO should be made out to Sandra G. Clark and will be held until the payment is cleared. Please allow one week for special orders.

   AS with all things, we constantly strive to make something better. This is the NEW BETTER SOFTIE.  We combined the braid and the basket weave and made a 'double braided weave' neckpiece. All regular SOFTIES have soft suede neckpieces in the new design.

                                                                   $12 Each or 3 @ $30  Add $2 for Bling (Add $4 for Shipping Per Order)

We combined the braid and the basket weave to make the NEW BETTER SOFTIE. All future SOFTIES will have this new and improved neckpiece. We have also added the flat paracord for the fine 'ribbon' look. We also added some beads and crystals to create the SOFTIE 'BLING'.

Black/white/grey ribbon lead with custom neckpieces of solid -mixed colors- or can be done in Doe Skin.

Stars N Stripes with round or flat Ribbon lead. Custom neckpiece of 3 colors or can be done in solid Red, White, or Blue. Can be done in Doe Skin Red or White.


Shades Of Grey


Desert Storm Camo comes with choice of colors for neckpiece in Tri color, Brown, or Grey. The last one is the Doe Skin neck piece.

Black with beads. Also comes in flat Ribbon Lead. (Not shown)
White comes in both the round and the flat Ribbon Lead. Bling comes in all colors.

All of the following leads are still available until they are gone or also offered by special order. But all future SOFTIES   will have the new neckpiece only.

                                                 SCROLL DOWN FOR THE NEW SUPER SOFTIE!!!
                         'SUPER SOFTIES"  $15 each or 3@ $40 ( Add $2 Each for Bling)

SUPER SOFTIES  are made from Genuine Doe Skin Leather. These neck bands are as soft as a marshmellow. They only come in limited colors. Some are decorated with beautiful beads and crystals. Below are examples of each color. No two leads are decorated with the same beads. Colors of beads can not be guaranteed.