First of all, let us introduce ourselves. We are Fred and Sandra Clark. We are HI-C Chihuahuas. (The HI-C stands for HIGH CLASS). We live in a little country community called Hickory Tavern that is located about 30 miles east of Greenville in Laurens County. We have loved our toy dogs for many years now and that love also made us aware of both their beauty and their short-comings. We are currently members of the Central Carolina Chihuahua Club (new club), and also the Atlanta Chihuahua Club. We started showing dogs many years ago with Italian Greyhounds. Fred would mostly accompany me to the shows just as a companion. He then got hooked on the sport and decided to try his hand at handling. His first attempt was the beauty you see as the background to this page, "Pup-E-Luv Bronze Beauty", Bunny to her friends. 
      Bunny was far less than perfect but so beautiful and showy that she soon began winning the hearts of the Judges and started accumulating points. She and Fred made a lot of friends in the Chihuahua community and both were soon accepted as serious contenders. As our love for the chihuahua grew, it soon became apparent that this was the breed for us. We no longer are owned by the Italian Greyhound and consequently none of them no longer reside with us. We have devoted ourselves to the betterment on this lovely little dog and the task of trying to educate the public to its grace and splendor.
---------Bunny?---She never finished her Championship. She accumulated a vast amount of points but was "Reserve" to that 2nd major too many times. But she was always a Champion in our eyes and our hearts and even now you will see us handling puppies that bear a familiar resemblence to our Bunny.