HI-C CHIHUAHUAS 
   We guarantee our puppies to be healthy at time of sale and for 14 days after sale for sickness. (This insures that our puppies are not carrying viruses) We insist that you have your puppy checked out by a Veterinarian on your choice within 48 hrs to validate this guarantee. Should your Vet find our puppy "unfit" for sale upon this initial examination, it will be replaced provided the puppy is returned with a written statement from the Vet stating the nature of the illness. It is the purchaser's responsibility to return the puppy. Any expense incurred to return the animal will be the sole responsiblity of the purchaser.

We do not guarantee our puppies against illness brought on by the stress of moving (from our house to yours) shipping, or motion sickness resulting from being transported. This stress can ignite illnesses such as hypoglycemia (sugar drop) or coccidia (dormant in most live animals). We also do not guarantee our animals to be "worm-free" as this is an on-going process that, once the animal is out of our control, would be the responsibility of the owner. We will gladly advise or coach the new owner in easy natural cures for many problems that can arise if the owner takes the time to contact us and inquire. Raising a puppy is very similiar to raising a child. We will not be responsible for the new owners "inability to respond" to the needs of their new puppy.

                              SHIPPING or Transporting of this animal in the care of anyone other than the purchaser will VOID THIS GUARANTEE!

This guarantee will be Void if the puppy is shipped by air, land, or while in the care of a Puppy Nanny. While this seems to be a common practice for getting a puppy from us to you, we can not and will not be responsible should the puppy become ill upon arrival at it's new home. Once the puppy is out of our care and placed in the care of a third party, it is impossible for us to control where and what the puppy is exposed to. Therefore we can not and will not be responsible for any illness resulting from this practice. Our guarantee is only valid if the new pet owner receives the puppy directly from our hands to yours. We will not be responsible for any illness contracted during or the results of a flight if the puppy has to be transported. To ship an animal, one must have a valid health certificate stating the puppy has been Vet checked and found to be healthy. We usually get this health certificate the day before the animal boards the plane. If it was healthy when it left us but not when it arrives at it's destination, we can not take responsibility. We will only be responsible if the puppy is picked up by the owner and placed in their hands directly from ours.

If the puppy should become ill within this 14 day period (Let's face it, things can go wrong no matter how hard you try) we require a statement from the attending Veterinarian stating exactly what the nature of the illness is. We will replace or refund (Our Choice) only if the illness is the direct results of our negligence. If the puppy should die--We Require An Autopsy. This autopsy is required to state the actual cause of death. We will replace or refund only if the cause of death is the direct responsibility of the breeder (us) or an illness that the puppy had that may have escaped our scrutiny at time of sale. We will not replace if the cause of death was not our fault. If the buyer does not have the puppy checked out within this 48 hr period --they agree to take the puppy AS IS with no warranty what so ever.

If the puppy becomes ill and the owner has the puppy euthanized without our prior consent, no refund or replacement will be made.

All of our puppies have completed their regimen of immunization shots before they leave us.
Please read the new  SHOT PROTOCOL listed in our menu.
. It has come to our attention that some Vets do not want to recognize the shots that were not given in their office and care. To allow a Vet to give these shots all over again is detremental to the health of such a small dog. If you allow your Vet to start these shots over, we will not be responsible for the health of the animal.

We assume no responsibility for any illness to other household pets resulting in being exposed to our puppies. The introduction of a new pet into the household is the responsibility of the owner.

We guarantee our animals to be sound with no disqualifying fault at time of sale. We do not guarantee any female to be a "free whelper" or to whelp at all. We also do not guarantee our males to be studs (unless stated) although both testicles shall be descended at time of sale. The state of reproduction is too complex for any one to predict.

We do not guarantee a dog or bitch to "Finish" its championship, even if it is "finishable" at time of sale. Training (or lack of it) can influence the showability of any animal. We do not guarantee any dog against luxating patellas even though some Vets state that this is a "hereditary" defect. Luxating patellas (slipping knee joints) can also be caused from injury or just from jumping off furniture. We also do not guarantee bites after the teething process. Retention of puppy teeth can push the permanent teeth out of alignment. Sometimes this can not be corrected even after the puppy teeth are removed. ANY deviation in the bite of a puppy WILL BE brought to the attention of a buyer BEFORE it is shipped to them. At that time, the purchaser will have the option to refuse delivery based on the updated discription of the bite.

Sometimes we will sell an animal at a reduced price because we feel it isn't exactly "perfect". These imperfections will be noted at time of sale and we will not be held liable for them. This will be agreed upon prior to sale and in writing.

While this warranty states that we will not be held responsible for certain illnesses, please note that we take all precautions to make sure that our puppies are free of any and all diseases and illnesses that could possibly make the transition from our house to yours unpleasant or life threatening. Should any of the unforseen pop up during or after transfer, please feel free to contact us for any information or advise that could possibly save you emergency expenses or aid in the care of a distressed puppy.

This guarantee shall become void if it is brought to our attention an animal purchased from us is or has been abused. We consider lack of proper housing, proper diet, or grooming to be forms of abuse. Should the purchaser decide to "change the diet" of one of our puppies, any resulting illness shall be the sole responsibility of the purchaser.  Should we discover one of our animals being abused, it will be surrendered with the buyers consent and any expense to bring the animal back to full health shall be the buyers responsibility. This stipulation is not negotiable.

This guarantee is being put in place for the protection of the animal and all parties involved. Should a disagreement arise because of this guarantee--it is the right of either party to institute legal actions in an attempt to resolve this matter.