THIS ALL WORKED GREAT LAST YEAR!! But we found something much better. Please read further down.!!!!


     For many years we had constant problems with out puppies contracting Bordetella. This is commonly known as kennel cough. While it is mostly just a nuisance, there are instances where it has progressed into full blown pneumonia and threatens the life of our precious puppies. This is usually caused by "secondary infections" that go untreated. Bordetella is also classified as a virus. And as a virus, it does not respond to antibiotics. The reason Bordetella is so hard to treat is that when you break it down you find it is composed of not just one type of virus, but is made up of 5 or 6 viruses that combine to make treatment almost impossible. You will find some of these viruses in your combination shots such as "Parainfluenza, and Adenovirus Type 2". If you look at the diseases listed in the Bordetella vaccine, you will find them again.
     Now before we get into this too deeply, let me explain my stance on vaccines. I'm a "naturalist". This means that I believe all of God's creatures came into this world with an immune system. And we should not mess with this immune system any more than absolutely necessary and let it do it's job. I think we over vaccinate to such a degree that we create more problems than we solve. But while I was having so much trouble with KC, I was using various brands of 5 way vaccines. So it soon came to my attention that when I gave my puppies their shots, it was within 3 days that some of them would start this little "cough -- gag--cough--gag" that eventually was full blown kennel cough. And like a lot of you, I cleaned everything with various products that contained bleach or germicides trying to get rid of this nasty stuff.
     My dog room is totally impervious to moisture so the first thing I tried was bleach water. But I noticed that it made me cough and burned my nose and lungs. I never mixed it strong enough to actually smell the bleach but I soon learned that when bleach mixes with the natural ammonia in urine, it releases a dangerous gas. That is what was burning my nose and lungs. And since dogs senses are much more  sophisticated than humans, this must have been really hard on my little dogs. So I began to look for a safe alternative. Below are pictures of my dog room just to illustrate the different surfaces I have to clean.

     My floors and walls are ceramic tile. The tile grout is a special "epoxy" formula that is stainless and waterproof. So you can imagine my surprise when we noticed a strange scaley deposit slowly growing across the floor that seemed "untouchable" by even the harshest chemical cleaners. I have a good friend that has worked with tile forever so I made a quick phone call to get some insight. His advice was to clean the tile with vinegar and water. But that just didn't sound like it would kill the germs to me so I stubbornly kept trying other things. And my dogs kept on coughing. (Now I could have saved myself much trouble and my dogs much stress if I had only listened to my friend)
      I clean my floor with a machine called a "Floormate" that is put out by Hoover. It comes with directions not to use any chemicals other than what is supplied as it will void your warranty. I love the Floormate because it not only scrubs the tiles (and also other hard surfaces) but it then takes up all of the water and leaves the floor "squeegy dry". This is much better for my animals as it gets the floor dryer than I can do with just a damp mop. Now not leaving the floor wet help a great deal but my babies still coughed. I tried using the cleaner Odorban. It could even be put in the Floormate with no side effects to the care of the machine. I also used it to spray on the plastic beds to clean them. Well, I'm very sensitive to smells and I noticed Odorban just took my breath and made me cough. And so did my puppies if they were in the area when I sprayed it. But I kept trying to use it anyway as I'm just kind of stubborn and sometimes a little hard-headed. I also thought the cleaning effect would outweigh the fact that I choaked every time I smelled it.

                                            FINALLY A SOLUTION

     Let's get back to the vaccines first as I think this made a big difference although it was not the actualy cure. Like I said, I was using the 5-way vaccines every 3 weeks starting at 8 weeks on my puppies. I let my puppies leave me at 12 weeks so they got their second round of vaccines at 11 weeks. Now if you know anything at all about Mother's antibodies, you know that this immunity takes a couple of weeks to wear off after you wean puppies. So when they got their first shot at 8 weeks, most had not been off Mama long enough for her antibodies to have worn off so they got very "limited" immunity from the first shot. But by the time they got the 2nd round at 11 weeks, they were pretty much on their own immune system wise. This is when they started the coughing thing. And it became so frustrating as some were all ready sold and ready to go to new homes. It's hard to explain to someone that doesn't deal with puppies on a regular basis that this precious little baby of theirs will be all right if you will just give this disease time to run it's course and it will go away on it's own. Believe me, I got phone calls from people that were screaming profanities at me because their baby was sick. And if you raise dogs, you know there are some Vets out there that just don't have a clue about this disease (and many others) that just make things worse.
     Well, after a couple of years of this, it became apparent that either I had to find a solution or just give it up. I got advice from one Vet that told me the only way to get the germ out of my house was to burn it down. Yeah, that's going to happen!!!  So the first thing I did was to do some heavy research about the vaccines I had been using. It was also about that time that the New Shot Protocol was introduced that has changed the way some Vets are vaccinating animals. My research turned up some of the same theories that are now in place-----We are "over vaccinating" our animals. It became apparent that most of my problems with kennel cough were self induced. I ordered new vaccines that were not combinations. I ordered the best Parvocine available in the form of Neopar. I had used it before and really liked the results. Common sense dictated that my babies needed protection from life threatening diseases like Parvo and Distemper. So I also ordered a vaccine just for distemper. This vaccine comes with 2 vials, one of which is only sterile water and the other is the actual antigen for distemper. The Neopar comes in a liquid form only. So I substituted the Neopar for the sterile water and made my own 2-way vaccine. Now you are probably asking, Why didn't I just order a 2-way vaccine? You can't get Neopar in a 2-way. This vaccine was created by 2 Vets that were looking for a cure just for parvo. And if you've ever had to deal with parvo, you know it works!!!
      I used this 2-way on a couple of litters of puppies and paid close attention to the results, especially when they got their shots at 11 weeks. I noticed such a marked improvement that I chucked the 5-way vaccines I had left over and went exclusively to the 2-way. The complete cure for kennel cough did not happen over night. Like I said, the germ was in my house. But I did notice that when a puppy contracted the cough, it usually ran it's course and would clear up within 10 days to 2 weeks. Before I had experienced puppies keeping KC for nearly 6 months before being completely cured. This improvement alone was more than worth the extra cost of purchasing the individual vaccines. OH by the way, I didn't mention that. Purchasing the Neopar in 10 dose vials did save some of the cost and unlike some of the other Parvo vaccines offered in 10 dose vials, it did not go bad when you only used part of it at a time. The Distemper only vaccine does cost about the same as the 5-way did. So I am paying nearly twice the price of the 5-way vaccines but my babies are so much healthier.

     Since I started raising and growing orchids, I learned about the most common contaminate in the world. It is called 'yeast'. Yeast is absolutely EVERYWHERE!! It floats in the air and settles on everything. To propagate orchid seeds, they have to be sown and grown in a sterile environment. I went to classes to learn how to do this without contaminating them with yeast. What does yeast have to do with kennel cough??? EVERYTHING!!!! If you have been reading this ongoing quest of mine to rid our house of kennel cough, then you have read about the bleach, vinegar, Odorban, and all of the other things that we have tried to rid our home of kennel cough. Out of despiration this past year, I finally took a little smooth girl that coughed constantly to a different Vet that specialized in actually curing diseases. She examined this little girl that had been coughing for nearly a year. Everytime we thought we had her well, she would again start coughing again and each time the cough got worse. She also had a clear nasal discharge. The Vet took a sample and sent it off and had it grown in a lab to determine what it was and what was causing it. The results came back as a 'rare strain of yeast'. The antibiotic of choice to cure this is 'doxycycline'. Any long term use of any of the 'cycline' drugs can cause the adult teeth to be discolored. This is not great when you are trying to produce dogs for showing. But it still beats death so we used it and got the little girl well. But we still didn't have the solution to getting rid of the yeast. And continuous treating of the dogs with a tooth destroying drug was very distasteful to us.
     So I started the search for a disinfectant that would clean the surfaces of all germs and yeast and not kill my puppies. I found this product called '512'. It is sold by one of the many pet product dealers that send out those annoying catalogs. It is not extremely expensive and it comes in different scents. The scents are not extreme and do not overpower your senses. We mop daily with this stuff and we no longer have any coughing dogs.

WHAT HAVE I LEARNED FROM THIS??? Like I said, we have tried everything. We could never understand why once the dogs left our house, they stopped coughing and got well. We were being held hostage by a tiny little organism called 'YEAST'. This was the cause for the coughing. So did we ever really have Kennel Cough? They say KC is made up by a combination of many small diseases that combine to make your animal sick. This is why there isn't really a true cure for KC. I think kennel cough is just a term used to discribe the coughing and runny eyes that escalate into upper respiratory distress in many animals that are being infected with yeast. We have been cough free for a long time since we started using the 512. It also kills all other germs like Parvo, distemper and even HIV. And it is safe for my animals.