It's O-K to be ignorant!!!!  But there is no excuse for being STUPID!!!!!

Webster defines "ignorant" as---destitute of knowledge; knowing little or nothing; uninformed.
     "            "       "stupid"---deficient in perception and understanding; dull-witted.

     It has become apparent to me lately that, as a whole, we are failing in our attempt to educate the public about our beautiful breed of dogs, the chihuahua. Our breed, along with some other toy breeds, do experience some health problems that need to be explained in layman's terms so people that are ignorant can understand just what is going on and handle it in an "adult" fashion. We can no longer rely on the Veterianarian's across the country to tell people the honest truth about certain ailments that their little furkids may be harboring. There is a big movement across the country by certain organizations to take away our rights to own and breed dogs, cats and other small animals. These people have filtered into the humane societies, Veterianarian Universities and any other place where they can have an impact on your ability to own and love a healthy dog. It is nearly impossible to find a Veterianian that is "pro-breeder". Anything and everything that ails an animal or makes it sick has now become the sole responsibility of the breeder. Don't misunderstand, I'm not against the Vets. My Vet is also my best friend. But why can't pet owners be told the truth? Dogs and cats have an immune system. Sometimes this immune system can fail!!!!Dogs and cats are active creatures that run, climb, jump and eat some strange things. This can cause problems. Most Vets are not breeders. They only know what they have been taught or read in books. Breeders deal with dogs and puppies on a daily basis. No matter how good a breeder is (or thinks they are) there will still come a time when they get a first hand look at most every instance listed below. This experience for any breeder while not always pleasant, is most definitely educational and priceless.
     Everything that occurs or goes wrong is not necessarily the breeders fault or responsibility. Responsible breeders will always screen their breeding stock for health defects but there are forces that are beyond our control. Below is a list of some of these things that go wrong. Additions will by made as they are brought to our attention. So if you are ignorant (like myself) please read about some of these problems and get an education. If you are just plain STUPID, then you might as well go and surf on E-Bay.

HYDROCEPHALUS (water head)

If you need information on an ailment or disease, please click on the link below and submit your request. We'll add it to our list as soon as we have had adequate time to research it for you. The links will become active when the information is posted.

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